Community Partner: Knowledge Transfer/Educational Event Application

BC Dairy is engaging in a new process of enhanced partnership with researchers and dairy service providers to deliver knowledge transfer events to the dairy farming community.

BC Dairy knows that hearing straight from experts through their most trusted communication channels is the best way to encourage event attendance and information uptake. To enhance the accessibility for all dairy producers throughout BC, BC Dairy sees an opportunity to support existing initiatives through trusted service providers and universities in whatever capacity is most useful - whether that is increasing the venue size, providing meals or refreshments to a larger population than an event would normally serve, or facilitating virtual access and recording for future access in an online library. A collaboration could also facilitate services for formal written materials, providing funding that can support renowned speakers to attract attention, and promoting the event.

We are accepting applications for events that align with BC Dairy strategic priorities and meet the following criteria:

  • Ability to serve ALL dairy producers in a specific region, or across BC, equally
  • Hosted by or referred by a reputable and trusted dairy industry partner
  • Takes place no less than 8 weeks from the date of application
  • Maximum funding of $5,000 per event

Please contact with any questions in advance of submitting a proposal.

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